Peace and tranquility at Healing Dreams Retreat Flinders Island Australia
Beautiful Beaches of Flinders Island Australia
Near Healing Dreams Retreat Flinders Island Australia
Inside Healing Dreams Retreat Flinders Island Australia
Lunch on the Beach at Healing Dreams Resort Flinders Island Australia
Old Mans Head near Healing Dreams Resort Flinders Island Australia
Goose Island Australia
Onion Bread from Healing Dreams Resort Flinders Island Australia

Sunday Herald Sun

heraldThumb.gif Dream days on Flinders Island
"Healing Dreams Retreat offers 4.5-star accommodation in beautiful natural surroundings.
The retreat's spa package includes a cruise on your own six-berth luxury catamaran, where you can sip champagne while watching a breathtaking sunset over franklin Sound and the near by mountains.
Another option is to join an experienced tour leader for a walking adventure to explore this remote island." Read More about Healing Dreams from Sunday Herald Sun - October 2005


Qantas Inflight Magazine

qantas Going Strait, Relaxation comes easily on Flinders Island
"Bordered by the Strzelecki National Park, the retreat caters for up to 15 people in rooms with mountain and ocean views. Guests can comb beaches for fossilised sharks' teeth and paper nautilus shells, mountain bike along scenic roads, and wander through bush thick with gnarled ti-trees, bracken, tree ferns and mountain-fed streams." Read More about Healing Dreams from Qantas - November 2004


Australian Geographic's "The Best of Australia"

australianGeographic.gif If you open Australian Geographic's "The Best of Australia: Collector's Edition 2003" to page 48, you will see a two-page spread of salmon rocks, white beach, blue ocean, mountains in the background, untainted by any development - one of the best sites in Australia. If you look closely, in the center you will see Healing Dreams Retreat cradled in the arms of the mountains (National Park on three sides). If you would like stay in that valley embraced by those mountains, looking out at that beach, then you need to speak with us.

What People Say

Something you said before I left was ringing in my ears as I stepped off the plane in Melbourne and could taste the pollution!
I had a marvelous time at Healing Dreams. Monica and Paul fixed me up well, and I returned well rested (despite Strezlecki!) and rejuvenated.
I thought that Healing Dreams was truly unique, and just the thing for a hassled, stressed businessperson.
Stephen -Melb.

Thanx for the wonderful accommodation, cooking and hosting. Had a great time!!!
Ian Moss ex Cold Chisel - Sydney

2 Days is not enough I will be back
Ross Wilson ex Daddy Cool - Melb

The Hon William Cox, Governor of Tasmania

Thank you very much for the very significant contribution you made to our wonderful holiday at Healing Dreams, which I might add is very aptly named.
Gaye - Canberra

Wonderful for mind, body and soul. And the food and people are great too!
Steve - Melb.

A real experience! Great people, great community, great place. Pulls you up and makes you think! Thanks!!
Tony - Devonport, Tas.

A wonderful sanctuary that nurtures the soul and all the senses!
Delores - Melb

John - Costa Rica

I think the thing that most impressed me about HD was the relaxed approach of the people running the place (take a bow) and this allowed the guest to revive just as they chose. No pressure to do anything, but each thing that you do is ok. And of course the location is ideal - that mountain all around and the overall quiet, and the barely there sounds of the bush and the water....I told Monika that what attracted me to coming there in the first place was the access to diversity - massage, yoga, national park walking, ocean, organic garden, views from rooms and the exotic aspect of going to a little island.

If they tell you it's too hard to get to Flinders Island - tell em they're dreamin'
(By the way, I can't recall having a dream whilst i was there - it's probably the first time i've slept so well for so long and the dreams were so good that they just sequed into day dreams).
Marianne - Sydney