Property Summary

Property Stats
Location: Flinders Island, Australia,
between the mainland and Tasmania
Owners: Seeking ten co-owners
Upon expression of interest
Lot size: Approx. 160 acres (70 hectares) on three titles | Buildings:9
For more information, call David or Lila Tresemer
in the U.S. at +1.303.449.0367 or in Australia at +61.3.6359.4511

Opportunity for “Lifeshare” ... lifetime Timeshare ... Investment.

You can participate in the investment opportunity of this unique property while realizing ownership. As an owner, visit whenever you like to enjoy the sublime beauty, the pure air, expansive white beaches, and organic farm. It's your choice to even rent your space to the Resort for booking when you're not there. Additional outstanding features of this particular offer are available on request. To know you are a stakeholder in something this precious is quite extraordinary!
To find out more browse through the options on the left or contact David or Lila Tresemer in Australia on +61.3.6359.4511 or in the USA on +1-303-449-0367.

What others are saying about Healing Dreams Retreat

Qantas Inflight Magazine

qantas Going Strait, Relaxation comes easily on Flinders Island
"Bordered by the Strzelecki National Park, the retreat caters for up to 15 people in rooms with mountain and ocean views. Guests can comb beaches for fossilised sharks' teeth and paper nautilus shells, mountain bike along scenic roads, and wander through bush thick with gnarled ti-trees, bracken, tree ferns and mountain-fed streams." Read More about Healing Dreams from Qantas - November 2004