Planning Your Stay at Healing Dreams Retreat on Flinders Island Australia

Who Can Come?

Healing Dreams Retreat is a perfect destinationlocation for singles, couples, and groups up to fifteen people.  The quiet introspective landscape of Healing Dreams is perfect for thosethat want to get away from the hustle and bustle of city living and recapture a sense of peace in themselves.  Due to this aspect of the location, we cannot accommodate pets, or children under twelve years of age. Flinders Island is a quiet rural community of around 900 generous and warm people.  We encourage guests to get out and interact with the locals and experience what we call "The Flinders Island Experience" of a slower pace of life, and an open and friendly community spirit.  It is very different and refreshing from life in most cities!

Hire Cars

Flinders is quite a large island with multiple historic and destination locations for you to visit, and HealingDreams is 15KM from the nearest town of Whitemark.  Also there are some evenings that we don't cook. As such, we recommend that you obtain a hire car for some or all of your stay.


Consider engaging a tour company to take you off the beaten track for a full or half day to visit remote coastline and beaches, bushland and a wide range of bird and wildlife.  Or spend a day among the outer islands on a boat tour walking, fishing,snorkeling, or just relaxing!  Healing Dreams contracts tours with Flinders Island Adventures or also with other operators.

Meals and Menus

Healing Dreams serves healthy  fare, featuring our organic vegetables, as well as local island specialty fish and local lamb and wallaby.  There are two other restaurants on the island that serve lunches and dinners on most days of the week, plus a bakery and coffee shop. We can accommodate lunch and dinner meal requests on most days see our Meals and Menus section for more information.

Getting There Travel to Flinders Island

One of the reasons that Flinders Island is unspoiled and not overrun is that it takes an extra effort to get there. Some people pause when they consider flying in a small airplane. These double-prop airplanes and pilots undergo thorough scrutiny on a regular basis from the CivilAviation Safety Authority (or CASA, see for more detail), and they must pass stringent tests in order to receive their Air Operator Certificate.
We speak about these airplanes as your private airborne limousine as the accommodations are quite nice, and the airplane is about twice the size on the interior as a limousine.
There is a limit on your bags to 15 kilograms, and we make up for that by having extra layers in case they should be needed, including bathrobes, slippers and umbrellas, should you need them. The fact that this Island is served by small airplanes has stopped the place from being over-developed, and we have made this step as attractive as possible for you. However, you do need to book early, as flights can fill up, though occasionally new flights will be added on by the airlines that fly here presently. See below for more detail.

Fly There

Where is Flinders Island? (click here)
How to fly there:
You can fly to Flinders Island from Melbourne or from Launceston (Tasmania).
The flight from Essendon Airport in Melbourne takes about one hour ten minutes.
The flight from Launceston takes about 35 minutes.
From Sydney, the best way is to fly directly to Launceston first. You can even fly to Launceston from Melbourne if you wish to have a shorter flight in a smaller plane. These legs to Launceston can be flown on Qantas or Virgin Blue.
Airlines of Tasmania flies to Flinders Island from either Melbourne (three days a week) or Launceston (three times a day). 1-800-144-460 (or locally, (03)6359-2312. From Melbourne (Essendon Airport), Airlines of Tasmania comes down regularly on M, W,F at 1:15 (landing at 2:25 PM), returning on M, W, and F, leaving at 11:00 AM and landing at 12:10PM. You can also speak to them about chartering a flight at a time that suits you better.
In the summer Airlines of Tasmania puts on many extra flights, which you can find out on their website and by calling them as follows:

P (within Australia): 1-800-144-460
P (local, and from international): +61-3-6248-5490

Essendon Airport
is east of the main airport of Melbourne (Tullamarine).
This carrier is regularly inspected by various governmental aeronautical agencies.
If you have a group of six or more, then it makes sense to schedule a charter flight. We can help you with that. Of course, a charter flight requires advance notice. In a busy season, any mode of travel requires advance notice.
Once on the Island, we can meet you (for an extra fee) for transfer to Healing Dreams Retreat, or you can take a taxi here (arranged at the airport) or hire your own car (which we recommend).


Flinders is the main island of the Furneaux Islands group, and is situated across latitude 40, between the Australian mainland and Tasmania in the east of Bass Strait.