yoga at Healing Dreams Resort Flinders Island Australia
massage at Healing Dreams Resort Flinders Island Australia
Bush walking at Healing Dreams Resort Flinders Island Australia
Trousers Point near Healing Dreams Resort Flinders Island Australia
Mt Strzlecki near Healing Dreams Resort Flinders Island Australia
Bush walking at Healing Dreams Resort Flinders Island Australia
Marbels near Healing Dreams Resort Flinders Island Australia
Lovett's Peak near Healing Dreams Resort Flinders Island Australia
Mt Strzlecki near Healing Dreams Resort Flinders Island Australia
Healing Dreams Resort Flinders Island Australia
Art at Healing Dreams Resort Flinders Island Australia
Sunset at Healing Dreams Resort Flinders Island Australia
Lunch on the Beach at Healing Dreams Resort Flinders Island Australia
Old Mans Head near Healing Dreams Resort Flinders Island Australia


Top Activities on Flinders Island

Encounters with Nature

Health and Well Being

Dreams and the Inner Life

Elsewhere on Flinders Island

Guided Bush Walk

Bush Doctor Massage

Far-Infrared Sauna

Dream Catching

Shearwater Viewing

Encounters With Nature

Guided Bush Walk

Go out with our guide, half day, $100 minimum, every person over two, add $50.


You may use the bicycles to go to the beaches or for a ride along the road, as long as you let us know that you are going, and wear a helmet at all times that you're bicycling. We also have simple back-packs and water containers for the bicycles so you can take a picnic to any of the dozen deserted beaches within a half hour's ride from here.

Encounter with Naturalist: Botanist, Dave Heap

You can spend half a day with our manager, Dave Heap, or just an hour. Rates negotiated by the amount of time you wish to spend with this amazing resource.

Encounter with Naturalist: Local Artist, Anna Stewart

Spend two hours with our published watercolorist, who can show you how to see better into the secrets of Nature through painting. $100

Meet the Dreamtime: Open Your Senses

In one hour's time, with the guidance of one our trained facilitators, you can by shown how the natural world will open and improve your senses. $60

Guided Bush Walk

For the adventurous, you can attempt a Bush Walk yourself or with a small group. In that case, we would like to talk to you about safety issues and your intended route, and give you a UHF radio in case you need to contact us from the Bush.

Bush Wander

This is a very different way of going into the Bush - you set no destination, and permit yourself to be drawn by interesting phenomena this way and that. You do this by choice, so that you become very attuned to what is out there calling your attention. This approach develops from the notion that, if Nature is speaking to us, we usually can't hear it because we shut it out with haste to get to our predetermined destinations. Bush Wander can have a guide (meaning here that you ask someone to accompany you for safety reasons) or not. If you are open to new ideas and new experiences, they will find you, and give you insights unavailable in your normal routines. The Bush is an excellent place for this kind of intentional experience. Obviously, the time it takes can vary quite a bit. We can suggest places to start.

Debrief of Immersion in Nature

After your walk, how do you integrate what you've seen and heard into your own being? How do you let in the air deeply into places that could benefit from the healing? Before you go rushing off to have more experiences (something we tend to do in our busy world), how do you benefit from the ones you've just had? Forty minutes with a staff member trained in integration methods seems like a good idea, doesn't it? $30 for this. Make sure you have this integrating conclusion to your outdoor adventure.

Shorter Walks with Trails:

Enchanted Way.

Great eucalyptus trees, through the tea tree forest to Grotto Rock, along the stream cascading off the mountain, stopping by Pygmy Perch Pool from which the hand of the Lady of the Lake seems likely to emerge at any moment clutching Excalibur, and then past the great Blackwoods ringing Founder's Circle. Two km, allow one hour. (For Healing Dreams guests only.) Moderate difficulty.

Dome Wander.

A fascinating dome-shaped area mostly with flowering Kunzea and paperbark trees. Allow a half hour. (For Healing Dreams guests only.) Very easy walk.

Trousers Point Beach.

Bicycle five minutes to the Beach, then walk the long curving white-sand to Salmon Rocks, and back. Total time, allow 1 1/2 hours. If you swim, allow more time.

The Rocks at Trousers Point.

This is the rocky headlands of Strzelecki National Park around which a very good trail has been created. Bicycle eight minutes to the trailhead at Trousers Point Beach, then walk on the marked trail about 3 km. Total time, allow 2 hours because there are so many interesting features that will attract your interest - rock formations, salt pools, many little micro-environments with their own flora and fauna. Other local walks with trails are greater in scope, and can be explained to you by the Staff.

Bush Walks - The Larger Adventures, Guided or Not

We have fine leaders of Bush Walks who are knowledgeable about this country. True Bush Walking is one of the most enjoyable activities on earth, as it puts you into a completely new context - no trails! - and you must make a dozen decisions with every step. The destination then becomes no more important than what you can experience at any moment. Bush Walks vary from a half, to a full day. An hour with a guide costs $60, a half-day, $180, and a full day, $240. You are expected to carry the right gear, including water. We will provide a carry lunch for full-day trips. These are more likely to work into our schedule if you reserve the time well in advance.

The Cliff.

Up a tumble of large rocks in an ancient stream bed, amongst large eucalypts, to a grand look out, then back again. Allow two hours return.

The Marbles.

These two spheres look like marbles from Healing Dreams Retreat, but when you get up close to them, you see that they are 8 meters high! Perched precariously on a granite slope with a wide view of the sea and outer islands. To return, you spend fabulous time walking along the headwaters of the mossy stream that runs all year, before cutting through the bush again back to Healing Dreams. Strenuous and brilliant! Allow four hours return. $170 with guide, which is necessary.

The Ridge.

Up by another way, then ridge-walking that reveals the entire southern end of the island with its blue seas and little islands, and then down again for a welcome meal. Allow four hours return.

Lovett's Hill. This takes you to the standing stones, very much like an ancient Stonehenge, that oversee the valley of Healing Dreams Retreat. They are large slabs up to ten meters high, and only 3 meters by 2 meters wide, thrusting up to the sky, with narrow gaps between. Allow nine hours return. Very strenuous

Mount Belstead.

Even higher than Lovett's, almost the same height as the highest peak (Strzelecki) but with no trails to it! Via bicycle to Cranie's Creek, then up via the southern approach and back down into our valley. Allow nine hours return.

Strzelecki Peak Ascent.

Strzelecki's highest of its twin peaks is rounded so affords a 360-degree view, and you can on most days see to Tasmania, as well as to the Sisters Islands off the northern tip of Flinders Island. You can even see down to Healing Dreams Retreat in the distance. Along the way, you follow gurgling streams, pop through openings in the canopy filled with wildflowers, inch along rock ledges, climb and climb some more, move along dripping fern walls. The weather near the top is always different from that below, moist and cool, and sometimes a storm rages up top while those below bask in a calm sunlight. The round-trip takes about five hours to bicycle to the trailhead, climb up and down, then bicycle back. Many people have done this ascent without assistance as the trail is fairly well marked (except for one place near the top which we will tell you about). Please let us know that you are doing this and take gear for very different weather at the top. If you would like to have a guide accompany you, then the rates are the same as for Bush Walk.

Evening Walks

Highly recommended to see the nightlife come out - the wombats coming out of their burrows, the ringtails feeding in the Banksia trees, the Southern Boobook ("Mo-poke"), and others. This can be as simple as walking a few meters off the Healing Dreams deck to see the array of wallabies and possums and wombats feeding at dusk (500% more than anyplace else according to National Park studies), or venture further up the Enchanted Way to find other animals coming out at night. Best with a naturalist guide who can point out things you might otherwise not notice. Including the stars in the sky, which are particularly bright in a place without city lights to obscure the view.

The Wildlife Show

Towards dusk the Bennett's Wallabies and Pademelons come out of the bush. We have more wildlife here than anyplace in Australia (as measured by Parks Dept.). Best viewing is with a glass of wine in hand from chairs to the NE of Healing Dreams, just beyond the trees.

Health and Well-Being

Bush Doctor Massage

Try own own essential oils, steam distilled in our own unit from the leaves and flowers that we collect fresh from the bush, added to the massage oil. Just over an hour, $90.


Healing Dreams has excellent masseurs on call. We can provide a range of treatment, from a remedial full muscle massage that relieves stress and sore points, to something softer such as a gentle hand and foot massage, to a relaxing neck, head and shoulder massage, to Shiatsu. Each mode has a different approach. Massage prices range from $40 per half hour to $70 per hour.

Far-Infrared Sauna

Deeply penetrating, excellent for detox and improved vitality. Forty minutes, $50.

Far-Infrared Sauna, Hotsprings SPA, and Massage

One right after the other. The sauna and spa loosen you up, making the massage much more effective. $100


Our yoga instructors have trained in various forms of yoga, primarily Ashtanga and Iyengar. The classes range from Relaxation & Stretching to Power Yoga, but in any class the instructor can find what best suits your level. There are regular classes at the Dance Yurt that you could perhaps join, especially the Wednesday evening regular intermediate-level class at 6 PM, which is open at $10 apiece and requires permission from the instructor. A class can be arranged for one or more people for a fee. The teacher may change with travel schedules. A one-on-one session costs $50 for an hour, and $75 for a couple (or more).


Our manager, Dave Heap, is a trained physiotherapist. 30 minutes, $45.

Personal Trainer

Our manager, Kathleen Heap, is a personal trainer. One hour, $50

Lunch on the Beach

Imagine a lunch 'under the Mountain,' with a wide beach, full table settings - from tablecloth to silverware to gourmet meal. This is not a picnic on the sand with sand in your food - this is, weather permitting, a glorious feast in a glorious setting. Special cost for set-up is $150 for four people.

Dreams and the Inner Life

Dream Catching

If you would like to talk about getting a dream to guide your life's next stage, and finding what it means for you, you can schedule a conversation with David or Lila who specialise in working with the dreams that visit in the night's sleep. Evening Preparation: $30. Morning Discovery: $40.

Solar Cross Reading

David has a Ph.D. in psychology, and one of his interests is intelligent star wisdom. From your birthday, he can give you insights as to your life direction and purpose, as well as tell you about your "star brothers" and "star sisters." Part I: Birth, $100 Part II: Sun/Earth polarity, $100

Star Wisdom Book

Enjoy the latest book by founder, David Tresemer, Ph.D., Star Wisdom and Rudolf Steiner: A Life Seen Through the Oracle of the Solar Cross. $40

Elsewhere on Flinders Island

Shearwater Viewing

From spring equinox to April, one can leave from Lady Barron wharf to view several million shearwaters returning after a day's feeding far out to see. They come in at dusk. This requires arrangement with Jim Luddington's Strait Lady boat, costs $30 per person, and can be arranged by our staff. Departure from Healing Dreams is about an hour before sunset.

Diving on Flinders Island

Full and half day trips aboard 'Bass Pyramid', SCUBA hire, large and small groups for diving up to 9 people, sightseeing and fishing. $500+

Catapult Charter and Fishing

15 metre charter boat - carrying capacity 6-24 people for half and full day fishing sightseeing and deep water exploring. All meals and fishing gear supplied. $900 half day - $1300 full day.

Other Flinders Island Activities

Available on the Island
  • Furneaux Museum in the middle of the Island has excellent exhibitions on the way of life at Austrlalia's second settlement (after Sydney), as well as a new building for exhibits
  • Some shopping in Whitemark, including the Furneaux Gallery and Bowman's Dry Goods Store
  • Golf: One of the oldest links courses in Australia (some argue the oldest) is on Flinders Island
  • The very different character of Northeast River (about an hour's drive to the North)
  • Searching for Killiecrankie Diamonds (actually topaz, also about an hour's drive North)
  • Scottish Country Dancing on Thursday evenings in Whitemark (highly recommended by David and Lila)
  • Fishing days from the shore or from one of the charters that leave from Lady Barron
  • Visit to the local Museum in Emita, with specimens of flora and fauna and a demonstration of a mutton-bird shed
  • Visit to a shearing shed to see how the sheep are shorn
  • Visit to the historical aboriginal site of Wybalenna
  • Visit to the Eastern seashore at the Patriarchs
  • Several other recommended walks at different places on the Island - see D'reen Lovegrove's handbook on the walks on Flinders (in our little store).
  • Wombat Stalking, at dusk, at the southern end of the Island, where the sub-species of blond/silver wombats live.
  • Occasional local events of interest that we will inform you about.
Any of these will require transport, which has a fee attached. Or there is a local taxi service, as well as hire cars, especially with advanced notice.

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