Seldom do you see 'microorganisms' as a 'feature' but it is absolutely the case, for the healthy vitality of the food that we grow at Healing Dreams Retreat is directly the result of the health of the microorganisms. We keep microorganisms out of the bedrooms but encourage them in our gardens.

A cubic meter of healthy soil is home to billions of bacteria and fungi, millions of nematodes, tens of thousands of spring tails and mites and several hundred earthworms. These "critters" are nature's recyclers, converting plant residue and animal manures into usable nutrients and soil organic matter. The microorganisms dissolve hard minerals from rocks and thus make them available to plants. The roots of plants have very fine root hairs to interact with this "living soil" which provides for their every need.

Chemical agriculture tries to replace the multiple billions of helpers with expensively produced chemical solutions. This tends to burn the soil and kill off the helpers. An active soil - promoted through organic and bio-dynamic methods - makes for healthier plants with more mineral and nutrient content.

The microbial population can increase rapidly to take advantage of a favorable change in the soil environment, doubling in a few hours. The size of the microbial population is usually controlled by soil moisture, aeration, temperature and their distribution in the soil.

Our responsibility is to care for the soil, then the plants are taken care of nicely. You can ask us for more information about organic and bio-dynamic methods.