How we came to be...

The extraordinary location of Healing Dreams was realized for its potential in 1972 by Robert Lawlor, the author of Sacred Geometry , Voices of the First Day: Awakening in the Aboriginal Dreamtime , and other books. From his knowledge of ancient traditions, Robert designed the placement of the first buildings and ponds.

Davidand Lila Tresemer worked with Robert's ideas in the construction ofbuildings in Colorado, then came to visit Robert and his wife Johannaon the Island in 1996. It was love at first sight - they felt thepowerful embrace of what they call The Mountain, this rare fast ascentfrom the sea up to 756 meters, with its cliffs, orchids, andwaterfalls, on the side of which Healing Dreams nestles in a protectedvalley. David and Lila report that it is The Mountain that calls themto share the sheer power and renewing force of Nature, the rekindlingof child-like wonder. They have led many workshops on many topics inseveral countries, and they felt that such a place as this brought backthe potency of the healing centers of ancient times - the Asklepions ofGreece, where the politicians, lawyers, and merchants of the time wouldseek a cure from an ailment or from the stresses of urban life - tobecome 'whole' (this word has the same root as 'healing').

This ancient model of the healing centers of Greece,as well as the teachings through Robert Lawlor of the aboriginalphilosophy of the Dreamtime, has informed the choice of the programs -encounters with Nature (sometimes contemplative, sometimes strenuous)during the day, then a retreat to the comfort of high-quality sleepsystems and fine food. All within a context of the world's baseline ofclean air and water (measured nearby) and quiet, lots of quiet. Davidand Lila ask that people stay for at least three nights "because ittakes that long to begin to emerge from the world's stimulation andbecome reacquainted with yourself." David and Lila have traveledextensively around the world, and have settled here part-time, inappreciation of this unspoiled place.