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Ayurvedic Retreat Overview

  • Renew your birthright of vitality and enthusiasm for life with the proven techniques of "ayurveda." 
  • Find out what your particular ayurvedic metabolism and constitution is. 
  • Learn how to balance your diet and eliminate fatigue, stress, and life imbalances. 
  • Receive massage treatments unique to the ayurvedic approach that are specific to your individual needs.   
  • Restorein the supportive arms of a glorious mountain, with ocean views andclean air to support the return of youth – your rejuvenation! 

Ayurveda means "science of life,"in which every aspect of the human being is included. Treatmentsconcentrate on physical health in coordination with emotional health,mental health, and spiritual health – in other words, "life." Thismeans a shift in your life for the better. Healing Dreams Retreat is privileged to present this collaborative program with the well known, highly trained professional practitioner, Dipika Delmenico (N.D.), who studied naturopathy in Melbourne and Ayruvedic Medicine with pulse-diagnosis master Dr. Pankaj Naram in Mumbai. 

Dipikawill lead you through this 6000 year old proven detoxification andrestorative therapy.  She and her qualified medical team specialize intreatments that bring you purification and pleasure.    

Read more about Ayurveda in books by Vasant Lad, Robert Svoboda, or the recent (August 13, 2006) New York Times Sunday article, cover of the Travel Section.

Dipika's mentors/teachers, Drs. Pankaj and Smita Naram, have treated hundreds of thousands of people over decades, including Mother Theresa and the Dalai Lama. Together with Dipika, they have opened clinics in Melbourne, Sydney, and internationally.

Now Dipika is bringing her expertise in specially led cleansing ayurveda treatments to the extraordinary Healing Dreams Retreat ~ in Mother Nature's perfect, natural and majestic setting of mountains, national park, waterfalls and ocean.

Sample of treatments offered by Dipika and her staff:

  • Warm herbal oil massage  ~ Malish;
  • Dry heat massage ~ Pindswed;
  • Invigorating oil massage ~ Kalari abhyanga;
  • Heart dhara   ~ dhara means pouring of medicated liquid like a thread;
  • Shirodhara  ~  shiro = head, oils onto the forehead;
  • Steam ~ Swedan;
  • Nourishing Eye bath ~ Netra basti;
  • Siddha Massage;
  • Ayurveda Facials;
  • Marmas (energy channels) stimulation;
  • Lifestyle and Diet Instruction.
    More detail on these treatments can be found here

Ayurvedic Retreat Details

2007-8 Dates for the Rejuvenation  Ayurvedic Retreats
Dates to be announced - please express your interest to us

Special month-long life transforming Panchakarma Retreat, dates to be announced.
The HDR Rejuvenation Retreats commence on the evening of the first named date and end at noon of thelast day. We recommend that you come earlier in the day, or come a fewdays early and receive a special rate (especially for those fromoverseas) to make this retreat work best for you.

Tentative Prices for the Rejuvenation Retreat weeks:

AUD$2900 each for single room (limited supply)
AUD$2550 each for twin room

Receive a Discount when you book more than one week at the same time. Space is limited to 15 guests for each Rejuvenation Week.  Pleaseregister at (or +61-3-6359-4588).

Prices are all inclusive with:

  • airport pick-up and drop-off
  • ensuite rooms with ocean view
  • specialty dining
  • 2-3 treatments each day
  • consultations
  • use of all the Healing Dreams Retreat & Spa facilities
  • beach equipment and bicycles
  • plus access to our private Enchanted Way Trail. 

Prices for the more comprehensive November Panchakarma Retreat  will be determined early in 2007.

Air Transport: can be arranged by you through Airlines of Tasmania from Launceston or Melbourne.

For more information please see


Flinders Island ~ "Australia's Best Kept Secret" lies between themainland of Australia and Tasmania.  Flinders is just an hour's planehop from Melbourne (35 minutes from Launceston) and offers crystalclear ocean waters, world class beaches, waterfalls, and a quietpastoral way of life..

Healing Dreams Retreat~ Safe, pristine, that unique luxury eco-resort on 160 acres
at the southern tip of Flinders Islands…nestled up against a majesticmountain range and 40,000 acres of National Park with sweeping views ofthe sea.


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