Ayurveda Basic Treatments

Ayurveda Basic Treatments at "Rejuvenation Weeks"

For Extraordinary Beauty and Health

Healing Dreams Retreat, in partnership with AmritaSpice, Australia

Warm herbal oil massage  ~ Malish

Warm medicated herbal oils are used in this massage to bring complete relaxation.  Simultaneously, the oils and the specific techniques of their application soften tissues and eliminate toxins from cells deep within the body.

Dry heat massage ~ Pindswed

Herb filled bolus (soft mass bundles) are warmed and applied to the body.  Application has a slightly catabolic effect which reduces swelling and mobilizes toxins from the tissues, especially the joints.  Invigorating in its effect on circulation, pindswed is a relaxing treatment that is applied locally or to the whole body.

Invigorating oil massage ~ Kalari abhyanga

Warm medicated herbal oils are applied to the body in a most invigorating style that both relaxes one to the core while awakening the cells of the body.  This unique style from southern India clears blockages and opens channels in the body creating invigorating flow of energies.

Heart dhara   ~ dhara means pouring of medicated liquid like a thread

Heart dhara is a deeply nourishing treatment where a dam wall made of dough is placed over the heart region.  A warm decoction of medicated herbs, oils and grut (medicated ghee) is placed in the dam and sponged soothingly, repeatedly over the heart region.  This therapeutic treatment tonifies cardiovascular function, regulates blood flow and circulation, removes emotional blockages and nourishes one’s core being.  Heart dhara is profound in its sphere of action.

Shirodhara  ~  shiro = head

Warm medicated oils are dripped continuously over the forehead, between the eyebrows.  Shirodhara soothes the mental channels, mobilizes tension, stress and toxins for elimination.  It invokes relaxation, reduces elevated blood pressure, and promotes mental clarity and positivity.  Indicated for anger, low concentration, insomnia, lack of focus, depression, anxiety, and all manner of emotional imbalances … as well as a good idea for everyone from time to time.

Steam ~ Swedan

Swedan is therapeutic application of heat to the body.  Swedan literally means “sweat”.  While it promotes sweat, the purpose is to dilate the body’s channels so mobilized toxins can be eliminated.

Nourishing Eye bath ~ Netra basti

Netra means eyes.  In this treatment medicated liquids of milk or oil is applied externally to the eyes in a soothing action.  Nourishing, removing blockages and rejuvenating eyes, this treatment is indicated for burning sensation, retina problems, headache and tension related eye disorders.

Siddha Massage

This profound treatment involves application of a herbally medicated paste to a locally affected area of the body.  The sharp, penetrating, hot properties of the ingredients immediately penetrate the skin, loosening and cutting toxic blockages and excessive humours stuck to the tissues. Siddha means that which may not be according to the scriptures but has proved effective during practical experience.

Ayurveda Facials

Though all the above treatments lead to improved appearance, with beautiful clear skin and a fresh new look, specific facials can employ simple ingredients from the kitchen to exfoliate and nourish the skin. Wrinkles come from excess vata (the dosha of air). Bags under the eyes and darkness come from excess pitta (the dosha of fire). Dullness and blemishes are also dealt with in a natural way, balancing the skin, working in conjunction with the other techniques that balance the whole body.


The body has many points and channels for energy movement, known in Sanskrit as “marmas”. The term marmas also refers to specific techniques to work these energy patterns in ways that enhance the flow of life into the body. For example, specific marmas will remove wrinkles in the skin. Other marmas will energize the body when energy is needed. Instruction in marmas specific to the client is part of a thorough ayurvedic approach.

Lifestyle and Thorough Instruction

All of these treatments make best sense within a context of good diet of high-quality foods, clean air and clean water, calm and nourishing surroundings, thorough instruction about lifestyle choices, explanation of the treatments and how they work.

Advanced Purification Treatments

Various conditions may require advanced methods of cleaning out the body and fortifying it anew. These are assessed with pulse diagnosis, and then explained to the individual client.


An extended time is necessary for a thorough cleansing of the body and rebuilding of new tissues. Healing Dreams is the ideal location for this. Pancha, five, karma, treatments, comes from specific ancient traditions of ayurveda. It utilizes the treatments discussed above, with more intense herbs and adding other treatments that are discussed during the instructional periods of panchakarma. Do you have bitterness in your life, depression, anxiety, or cares? Would you like to change your life completely, and find the joy and vitality that is your birthright? Panchakarma clears blocks, toxins, obstacles both physical and emotional, and makes space for the new. For full effectiveness, panchakarma requires daily treatments over the course of four to five weeks.


For more information about these treatments and their use during Health Retreats please see Ayurveda Rejuvenation Retreat Weeks or contact bookings@HealingDreams.com.au.