Property Summary

Property Stats
Location: Flinders Island, Australia,
between the mainland and Tasmania
Price: On inquiry
Lot size: Approx. 70 acres (29 hectares) | Bedrooms: 9
Bathrooms: 9 | Buildings:4
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contact David Tresemer at

Press Release – overview of the offer

…A Unique Luxury Retreat on Flinders Island * Australia….
Where the Mountains Meet the Sea ~ Open for Bookings & for financial participation...

Boulder, CO., USA --- Ever dream of living in paradise – your own private luxe retreat, safe, pristine, far away from the maddening crowd? Your wildest wishes come true as Australia shares her best kept secret, Healing Dreams Retreat on Flinders Island, between the mainland and Tasmania. Just an hour's plane hop from Melbourne, Healing Dreams is Mother Nature at her finest. Crystal clear ocean waters, world class beaches, waterfalls, a majestic mountain range plus 40,000 acres of National Park surrounding the property await that select buyer(s). Zoned for expansion, even Life Share model is apt.

This ongoing business of 160 elegant acres on the edge, where the mountains meet the sea, is now for sale. All Healing Dreams Resort buildings, including the core eight charming suites, sauna/hot tub/spa & fitness area, other guest rooms on property, Ta Meri private residence, and Green Goddess certified organic garden must be seen to be believed at These three parcels are available as a complete package listed at US $5,200,000. Limited, qualified buyers may visit with overnight stay and transport from Melbourne, discounted. Advance notice required.

The Tresemers, creators of Boulder, Colorado's treasured All Seasons Chalice, The StarHouse, and the Path of the Ceremonial Arts, envisioned and built Healing Dreams over the past eight years. Nature guided their master plan. Passionate about Flinders Island with a total commitment to sustainability, they will retain acreage adjacent to the resort/estate compound. Together, the Tresemers believe, "There still exists an island which offers bounty, beauty and wild essence and Flinders is that island."

The Qantas, November 2004 ten-page Flinders Island spread (Winner of the 2004 Avion Award for World's Best Inflight Magazine) remarked in part … "Arriving at Flinders Island is like stepping back in time. There are just 900 residents … but the island teems with wildlife. The surrounding waters are unique for their biodiversity, harbouring the greatest proportion of endemic marine species anywhere in Australia. New to Flinders Island is the Four-Star Healing Dreams Retreat, in the foothills of Mt. Strzelecki."

"Flinders Island has air and water as pure as it gets!"… Qantas, November 2004

[Qantas lead article continues about Healing Dreams Retreat:]

"This remote getaway is a place of sheer tranquility where birds dart through the trees
and wallabies thud across the lawn as the sun sets over the vivid blue waters of nearby
Trousers Point, a usually deserted beach surrounded by massive orange boulders. The retreat caters to up to 15 [now 24] people in rooms with mountain and ocean views. Guests can comb beaches for fossilized sharks' teeth and paper nautilus shells, mountain bike along scenic roads and wander through bush, thick with ti-trees, bracken, tree ferns and mountain fed streams. For the ultimate in relaxation, try tai chi, join locals in the yurt or have a massage and spa. Gardens flourish in the rich soil around the base of the mountain, and the retreat's greenhouses grow organic fruit and vegetables to be turned into delicious dishes by chef Kendall Harding [now Mark Fenn]."

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