Property Summary

Property Stats
Location: Flinders Island, Australia,
between the mainland and Tasmania
Price: On inquiry
Lot size: Approx. 70 acres (29 hectares) | Bedrooms: 9
Bathrooms: 9 | Buildings:4
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Background – How Healing Dreams came to be...

What brings a husband and wife team – the man, a Ph.D. in psychology, and the woman, a playwright, visual artist, and creator of programs to empower women – from the high mountains of Colorado to a little island in the Bass Strait of Australia?

As Lila Tresemer shares, "We were looking to create a relationship with some place in the Southern Hemisphere because of the power of Nature in that part of the world. We would never have found Flinders Island in the normal course of events, as it isn't on the normal course of places-to-visit. We fortuitously found Robert and Johanna Lawlor, whose works we had studied. They invited us to visit." Robert Lawlor, with Johanna's help, is best known for his Sacred Geometry, about the design principles of the great cathedrals of the world , as well as great music and painting. With Johanna's help, Robert wrote Voices of the First Day: Aboriginal Dreamtime, about the fundamentally sane ways of life of the indigenous peoples of Australia.
"We traveled south ," says David Tresemer, "in the autumn (April) of 1996 and fell in love with Flinders Island immediately. It hadn't been ruined by foolish development, and the people were delightfully warm and eccentric, real individuals. For us, it was the strength and power of the mountain that spoke to us both very strongly. It has phenomenal presence." It rises up 2400 feet from the sea, and then spreads out in several lesser peaks surrounding the Healing Dreams valley. Named Strzelecki Mountain by English explorers, the aboriginal name means Jumping Dolphin Mountain. Says David, "That name is more accurate in our view as there lives in this mountain a power of life that is extraordinary."

Lila: "We trusted our instincts and purchased one of Robert and Johanna's properties, then others, as they were going off to study the indigenous peoples of Vanuatu. A man who ran a charter airline company coming to Flinders, Max Quartermain, came by to tell us that if we built a resort, with all of his contacts in Australia, he would fill it. It seemed 'meant to be'... we created Healing Dreams… then Max's life changed completely and he had to leave the area. There we were in exquisite surroundings, with an elegant facility and a dedicated staff led by our can-do-everything manager Liz Frankham, running an eco-resort." (Liz has been succeeded by the wonderful Dave and Kathleen Heap.)

Why the name Healing Dreams? David explains it came from three root sources. First, were the health centres of ancient Greece where the physician promoted a cure with nurturing food and rest in the arms of Nature to prepare for a dream that would guide the person on the path of their bodily health and life purpose. Secondly, the modern work of Switzerland's C. G. Jung on dreams as guides for life played a role. Thirdly, was the emphasis in aboriginal philosophy on active dreaming as a means of creation, by those who created us and by us dreaming with them in the creation of the future. At Healing Dreams, the raw power of creativity is all around you, waiting to be inhaled and directed into your life.
David: "We have traveled far and wide and instinctively knew that this is a world-class property. The National Park surrounds the property, literally on four sides, with a few pastures also enclosed on the fourth, the sunset or western side. Never have we seen such an abundance of fresh water that flows into our property; so clean you can drink from the stream."
Lila: "We love it, but with our commitments to teaching in other parts of the world, operating a resort and an organic/biodynamic farm is just too much for us right now. We plan to build a modest place on other Flinders land and now invite new ownership for this very special place, an extraordinary private estate or amazing resort. In either case, the health and healing that is possible here – Nature is your doctor! – is profound."
Both of them: "We are seeking people who value health, healing, vitality, and will be good neighbors for the earth, as well as good neighbors to the wonderful people on this wonderful Island. In any case, come visit, and know that this dreamplace really does exist!"